Dental Practice Accounting.

Running a dental practice is as much about business management as it is about dentistry. When you opened your practice, you couldn’t have fully appreciated how much time accounting and financial management would take, but it is painfully clear now.

You’re not alone. Many dentists find themselves in the same situation, unable to spend time building the dental practice because they are too busy answering questions from the front office team or deciphering the latest cash flow report.

Since we specialize in working with dental practices, we understand:

  • The accounting and financial management challenges you face running your practice.
  • What your dental practice chart of accounts should look like.
  • Which dental practice metrics are important to keep your business running smoothly.

With our services, you will:

  • Get relief from the day-to-day accounting activities of your practice.
  • Realize improved cash control and develop operational efficiency.
  • Make informed decisions based on the KPI’s (Key Performance Indictors) that are most relevant to the dental industry.